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Missing Info

In a recent email to classmates, the following emails bounced. If you have the correct email for any of these people, please let me know! Just use the Email update button below.

Please download this file and see if you are in contact with any of these classmates. We are going electronic, and these people do not have an email address, nor joined the Facebook Page.

Direct them to "CONTACT INFO" on the website homepage to fill out the form, or you can fill out the form with their email info if you have it. OR they can just register for the event and their info will be captured. I will update the form every week.

Please do not email or message me with names and emails - I am easily confused. If they fill out the form they will be added to a database I can merge with the main one. And my apologies if you are on this list and a member of the Facebook Page - as I said I get easily confused. 

Thank you! Tina

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Please share your contact info so we can update the database.

SSHS Class of 1974 Contact Info

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